Notification from DepositGuard of fraudulent activity
It has been brought to our attention that some members of the public have experienced fraud by someone purporting to use DepositGuard - Read More.

It has been brought to our attention that some members of the public have experienced fraud by someone purporting to use DepositGuard. Tenants searching for rental properties online have been asked to pay a deposit (sometimes upwards of £1,400) directly into a bank account, simply to secure a viewing.

Please note this is a scam and we are doing everything we can to prevent further instances. It is important to highlight that being asked for a sizeable deposit to view a potential property is highly unusual and should be treated with extreme caution.

These are the only legitimate DepositGuard websites:

To our knowledge, no landlords have been affected and the RLA has reported the corporate ID fraud to the police. We have also advised all tenants involved to contact the authorities.

If you know someone or you have been personally affected by this online scam, please report any activity to Action Fraud at

DepositGuard is an exclusive service, available to members of the Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme, providing a more cost effective alternative to other insurance based schemes where you can hold onto the deposit yourself. The scheme has been developed with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme, operated by The Dispute Service (TDS), one of the government approved tenancy deposit schemes. The scheme is provided to RLAAS members by RLAP Ltd. who act as introducer to TDS.

NOTE: This service is only available if you are a landlord wanting to protect deposits for properties you own and manage yourself. This scheme must not be used by letting agents but you may still be eligible to join TDS - click here for more information.

All deposits taken on Assured Shorthold Tenancies in England and Wales, (where the total annual rental income is less than £100,000) must be protected in one of the government-approved schemes.

DepositGuard is only available to fully accredited members of Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme. To start registering or protecting deposits with DepositGuard login to your account or apply to become accredited today!

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So now you can keep hold of your deposits and at the same time save money in doing so.

Why use DepositGuard?

  • You hold the deposit
  • Low cost deposit protection fees for the life of your tenancy
  • Free access to ADR (Alternative dispute resolution)
  • Free and instant online registration
  • Email reminders when your tenancy is ending
  • Pay online with a credit or debit card

Essential Documents and Guides

Here are a set of important links in relation to the use of DepositGuard. Please ensure you always use the correct agreement and that you provide your tenant's with the correct accompanying information (including Prescribed Information, Scheme Tenants Leaflet, Certificate of Protection and Additional Clauses). If you have any doubts at all, please contact the RLAAS Members Help Desk on 0844 887 1407.

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Are you Protected?

If you are a tenant and donít know your tenancy code you can check if your tenancy is protected via The Dispute Service's 'Is my Deposit Registered' tool. If you donít have the required tenancy deposit details then you should contact your Landlord or Agent to get a copy of the Tenancy Deposit registration certificate from them.

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