The Benefits of Accreditation




DepositGuard is a deposit protection scheme available to the Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme. It allows you to hold onto the deposit and provides you with a more cost effective alternative to other insurance based deposit protection schemes. Click here to find out more.


The scheme will provide public recognition that you are a reputable landlord who not only maintains property standards, but who also treats tenants fairly and manages the property well.

Market Advantage

The RLAAS contains a property database allowing tenants to search for Accredited Landlords and the properties they let.

RLAAS Help Desk

Helpful advice from the RLAAS team on any questions relating to accreditation. 
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm in total confidence

Discounted Development Courses

Development courses are designed to help all landlords to overcome the problems and pitfalls of property rental and law.

Personalised Membership Card

Your Membership Card will contain your name and various ways to get in touch with the RLAAS.

RLAAS Stationery Image Bank

You will be able to use the RLAAS logo in adverts and letterheads to promote yourself giving you an edge above the rest.

Free Landlords Professional Development Manual

90 pages of essential information for landlords Click to view anuk manual sample

Free Tenant’s Guide

Developed by the Residential Landlords Association

Discounted Services

Preferential rates on a variety of landlord services.