Residential Landlord Association Accreditation Scheme Landlords Area - Information

1. Aims of the scheme

Leeds Rental Standard

The aims of the scheme are to encourage, acknowledge and actively promote good standards and management practice by owners and to assist owners and tenants to undertake their respective responsibilities to each other. There is an element of self regulation in the scheme by landlords declaring that their properties are up to a specified standard, and that they will give a transparent service to their tenants, including through giving them a clear tenancy agreement and inventory.

Please note that the scheme applies to private rented properties only and not to local authority owned or housing association properties where other agreements already apply. Signatories to the scheme must ensure that in addition to complying with the requirements of the Scheme that they must also comply with their legal obligations in respect of health, safety and the welfare rights of their tenants.

By working together with landlords, Local Authorities and other partners, RLAAS will continue to recognise, promote and raise good standards of property management and conditions in the Private Rented Sector within England and Wales.

RLAAS will continue to contribute towards better regulation, as accredited landlords will be demonstrably lower risk and require lower levels of public resources for enforcement.

2. What do RLAAS members get....

RLAAS members get

RLAAS will provide accredited landlords with recognition that their homes are of a good standard and that they providing a professional service. Landlords, tenants and members of the community will enjoy the benefits of good property conditions, competent management standards and considerate neighbourly behaviour.

3. What is required to be accredited?

In order to become accredited a Landlord must:

4. What happens after I have submitted my application?

Successful applications for membership will initially be given the membership status of "Registered RLAAS Member" indicating that a person has registered with RLAAS but has not yet met the training and CPD requirement.

To become accredited a Registered RLAAS Member must meet the required landlord development training and CPD requirements. They will then be given the membership status of an "Accredited RLAAS Landlord".

A landlord who is a member of another accreditation scheme which has acceptable CPD and training requirements may apply to be an Accredited RLAAS Landlord subject to their making an application and abiding by the RLAAS scheme Conditions and Code of Practice.

Those signatories complying with RLAAS will be provided with a package of inducement benefits exclusively available to participating landlords and designed to enhance their business and provide access to a range of our services.

5. Scheme Credibility

Accredited landlords must maintain their professional knowledge and skills and keep up to date with changes in legislation and good practice through continual professional development (CPD) as set out in the "RLAAS Guide to CPD".

To ensure that accredited landlords possess the basic knowledge and skills required for successful property management they must complete the approved RLA landlord development training course based upon the ANUK Landlord Development Manual. This "Core" training must be completed within 12 months of submitting an application for membership and may be undertaken through an approved on-line training course or by attendance at a training venue.

If you have attended a training course during the previous 5 years then declare this within your CPD record. Many landlords may, as a result, have already achieved the required 10 CPD points and will therefore become accredited on application.

RLAAS administrators will undertake random annual audits of CPD. RLAAS members are required to cooperate in providing any information requested to confirm the attainment of CPD and training.

Complaints regarding accredited landlords and/or their properties will be efficiently and effectively resolved in accordance with the procedures set out in the Management Code of Practice.

6. Quality Assurance

As the RLAAS scheme continues to grow we aim to self regulate our industry as the best landlords are recognized and rewarded.

Landlords can find responsible tenants and are provided with RLAAS stationary to display on their properties as a mark of quality and assurance of the standard of housing being provided.

Our uniqueness is what we are:

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7. RLAAS and The Leeds Rental Standard (LRS)

The Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme (RLAAS) are pleased to be a recognised partner of the Leeds Rental Standard.

This initiative is primarily for private rented sector landlords and letting & managing agents who operate within the Leeds Area. It is designed to improve property standards whilst recognising those landlords who provide quality accommodation and a good service to their tenants.

As a direct result of your accredited status under the RLAAS scheme, you automatically qualify for membership of the Leeds Rental Standard, regardless of your property location. Membership of this prestigious scheme will enable you to use their logo on your website and promotional literature. In addition you will qualify for the benefits offered by membership of the scheme.

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