Residential Landlord Association Accreditation Scheme Tenants Area - Information

By selecting a landlord with the RLAAS logo, you can rest assured that your landlord is a competent and professional person who is aware of and will abide by all laws and regulations concerning property letting.

All accredited landlords undergo a CPD (Continuous Professional Development) course ensuring that the landlord is provided with the latest policy and legal information and has access to our help desk thus improving the relationship between landlords and tenants.

Accredited landlords must maintain their professional knowledge and skills and keep up to date with changes in legislation and good practice through continual professional development (CPD) as set out in the “RLAAS Guide to CPD”. RLAAS administrators will undertake random annual audits of CPD. RLAAS members are required to cooperate in providing any information requested to confirm the attainment of CPD and training.

By choosing an RLAAS landlord you lower the risk out of choosing your property. Landlords that have come forward to join the scheme have done so on an entirely voluntary basis. They have joined the scheme because they believe they are the best in the business and can be relied upon to make your experience as a tenant as enjoyable as possible.

Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities

RLAAS stresses the issue of landlord compliance and tenants rights seriously, but we are also aware of the responsibilities that you have as tenants. RLAAS also provides help and support to accredited landlords who have an issue with tenant anti-social behaviour.

Accredited landlords provide good quality accommodation. They have the required knowledge to carry out their business professionally and politely in line with current laws and best practice. If they do not reach or maintain this level of service you as tenants have the right to complain to us and we have the power to take action.

In return tenants of accredited landlords are asked to treat their rented property respectfully and to avoid anti-social behaviour, thereby promoting a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship between landlord and tenant.

Complaints Procedures

A tenant should always firstly look to approach their landlord if they wish to make a complaint or if there is a problem with the property they are renting. A majority of complaints shall be resolved quickly and efficiently by our landlords as they are keen to maintain their position as an accredited landlord who has a reputation for quality accommodation and excellent relationships with tenants. If you cannot resolve the issue with your landlord directly, you have a right to complain to us.

Please download our complaints form and fill it in and email the form back to us. In order for us to proceed with your complaint we need the following details filled in the form:

  1. The address of the property.
  2. Where the code has been breached.
  3. The timescale involved.
  4. A contact address.
  5. Email address and telephone number for the person making the complaint.
  6. Landlord‘s name and address and any other relevant information.

We will then contact the landlord about the complaint made in order for the issue to be resolved. If the landlord does not take adequate steps to address your complaint, and we deem your complaint as valid, we shall decide what further action should be taken. This could include the landlord being suspended from the Scheme until repairs are carried out, the landlord undertaking further training, or the landlord having their accreditation withdrawn. We will inform you of the outcome of your complaint.